Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick Christmas Share

Hi yes, sorry I am still going private, but before I change everything I just wanted to share a quick Christmas song. I am loving this one this year. Some girls sang it during our Christmas concert and it has been going through my head (in a good way) ever since. I think it is beautiful; but maybe I just appreciate it more now, being a mother myself and all. It's called Mary's Lullaby.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Privacy Please

I have been debating what to do with this blog for awhile. I haven't been updating very much, not because I haven't thought about it, but because as A gets older I get more worried about weird internet stalkers (paranoid, I know). Anyway, I decided I will try keeping the blog. I like having a picture journal of our lives, but I just don't think I want to share with everyone. So, if you would like to keep reading, please send me your email address and I will try updating the blog privately.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Quantity over Quality

Love this one

It is nearly impossible to get a picture of Adelyn smiling. She wiggles and gets interested in the miniscule white piece of lint in the carpet and as a result is not a very good model. But if I snap 25 pictures, one of them is bound to be good, right?

Friday, June 29, 2012

8 is Great!

Well it happened, Adelyn made it to 8 months without any lasting damage. Well hopefully not lasting.
Some highlights:

Adelyn is 15 pounds, 27" long. She loves solid food. Anything I give her she wolfs down. I gave her a graham cracker the other day, put ONE bag of groceries away, turned back around and it had disappeared! I was sure she had thrown it on the floor...but no, it was stuffed into her mouth. She didn't appreciate when I gave her the "lady-like bites" lecture and had to dig it out of her mouth so she wouldn't choke. She loves chicken with carrots and applesauce, brocolli-quinoa casserole, peas, beets, any kind of fruit or vegetable really. She will spit her food out at me to let me know she is done, which I don't appreciate, but it is effective. She also loves to feed herself so I cut a lot of food up into pieces and let her eat that way. It's messy, but she looks so accomplished and she is, of course, washable.
She's started showing preference for which books I read her. Favorites are "Brown Bear", "The Gruffalo," and "Bubbles, Bubbles." She also loves to turn the pages herself.
Adelyn really likes going on walks, but is not a fan of boating. Or lifejackets, rather. She seemed fine once I defied all mommy-sense and took it off. Yes, she cried and I gave her what she wanted. We were in the middle of the lake and I was not the only one affected by this.
She's not crawling yet (which is good because I'm not ready to tackle baby-proofing), but she will go from sitting to crawling position, then tummy, and then rolls to get what she wants...cords being a favorite of hers.
She prefers standing to sitting or laying down, but can only stand when holding onto someone. Furniture doesn't work because her balance isn't that great yet. She did manage to pull herself up on the ottoman once by herself, but usually Brett or I are there to help her. She is starting to experience separation anxiety and hates it anytime I leave the room. Although it may be more boredom than anything as she prefers I entertain her than play by herself.

I can't believe how big and smart she is getting! Only a few more months and I'll have a one year old on my hands!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family pics...circa January

Our very first family photoshoot. We were in California for Eric & Sarah's wedding last December and the stars kind of aligned so we found ourselves throwing together a last minute family portrait session with the wedding photographer. I had no time to plan outfits or anything, I just had to work with what we had brought with us, but the location was amazing and we couldn't pass up perfect weather. So, ignoring my postpartum puffiness, lack of tan (vampire chic!) and our vacation wear (at least it wasn't aloha shirts) here are a few pics.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super Seven!

Little Hawaiian Princess
Adelyn made it to 7 months! She is now a whopping 14 pounds and 26" long. She sits like a champ and rolls all over the place. She feeds herself and drinks out of a straw. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, zucchini, yogurt, bananas, and any pieces of food that she can pick up and feed herself. She hates chicken. Seems that we have a little vegetarian on our hands. She definitely makes it known when she doesn't like something by crying and spitting it into my face.  
Adelyn loves to hold on to our hands and stand up. She is becoming really independent. She now has a schedule of 2 naps a day and sleeps about 10 hours at night, with one feeding. She likes to explore and is content when she has a new toy or something to play with, but gets bored easily and will not play with something she has played with before. She loves paper and always tries to eat my grocery list. The first time she got a hold of it she got black ink all over her face at the grocery store which she rubbed in to look like a giant bruise on her face. I could feel the judgment from the other customers, but I don't care. 
She is really ticklish, but especially likes it when we help her "tickle" mommy or daddy. 
Adelyn went on her first vacation to Hawaii. First plane ride, first boat ride (just to Pearl Harbor) and first dip in the ocean. She was a champ on the plane and tolerated being dragged all over Oahu really well. She is such an easygoing baby which is a good thing since Brett and I are always on the go. Oh, and she's off her binky. Big girl!
Giving the baby a kiss

The top of Diamond Head. Adelyn was always trying to eat her hat while it was still on her head. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Reel Fun

After days of cold and rain we wanted to get out and enjoy some sunshine, so we packed the Bean into the backpack and gone fishin'.

I caught my first fish on a fly and Brett caught one on a rappala. Adelyn was pretty good, but I think she got bored after awhile.

The canyon was beautiful and we had so much fun!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here I Am, Walking Through a Hurricane

We decided to go to the air show on Saturday. Which turned out to be the wind and rain show. We saw a few planes fly before the torrential downpour. We were soaked through to our skin. But the Bean was snug as a bug.
Sad face :(
Brett's fake smile
It was definitely an adventure.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attack of the Clones

We live in a neighborhood that recycled 4 or 5 floor plans and belongs to a strict HOA. As a result of that, every house looks the same or similar. Assembly line homes. We have lived here for over a year and we still consistently drive past our house on the way home. But today I had a crafty moment (and by today I mean that I started this project awhile ago and have been procrastinating this project for at least a month) and now if you come over you will be able to find our house.

My inspiration

On an unrelated note, should I cut my hair?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sipping Ciiiiiiiider Through A Straw

My big girl is moving right along from nursing to drinking out of a big girl cup...and when the help of all that prune juice hopefully EVERYTHING will be moving right along.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cookie Chaser

 I ran my first ever 5K last Saturday. It was sponsored by the Girl Scouts and called the "Cookie Chaser." Great for motivation, huh? It was a really cold morning, but in hindsight I think that was good to prevent getting overheated. I had Adelyn wrapped up pretty good and she hung out with Brett in the stroller while I raced with Dad, Angela, and David (and Melanie in the jogging stroller.)
It was actually a lot more fun that I thought it would be. I had never run in a race before, I usually just jog on the treadmill for exercise ("fake running" whilst watching Alias, at the moment), but this was a lot more fun. I think I would like to try for a 10K later in the year. My official time was 30:25, so about a 10 minute mile? I think I could probably do better.
P.S. The cookies were not so good.