Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Super Seven!

Little Hawaiian Princess
Adelyn made it to 7 months! She is now a whopping 14 pounds and 26" long. She sits like a champ and rolls all over the place. She feeds herself and drinks out of a straw. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, zucchini, yogurt, bananas, and any pieces of food that she can pick up and feed herself. She hates chicken. Seems that we have a little vegetarian on our hands. She definitely makes it known when she doesn't like something by crying and spitting it into my face.  
Adelyn loves to hold on to our hands and stand up. She is becoming really independent. She now has a schedule of 2 naps a day and sleeps about 10 hours at night, with one feeding. She likes to explore and is content when she has a new toy or something to play with, but gets bored easily and will not play with something she has played with before. She loves paper and always tries to eat my grocery list. The first time she got a hold of it she got black ink all over her face at the grocery store which she rubbed in to look like a giant bruise on her face. I could feel the judgment from the other customers, but I don't care. 
She is really ticklish, but especially likes it when we help her "tickle" mommy or daddy. 
Adelyn went on her first vacation to Hawaii. First plane ride, first boat ride (just to Pearl Harbor) and first dip in the ocean. She was a champ on the plane and tolerated being dragged all over Oahu really well. She is such an easygoing baby which is a good thing since Brett and I are always on the go. Oh, and she's off her binky. Big girl!
Giving the baby a kiss

The top of Diamond Head. Adelyn was always trying to eat her hat while it was still on her head. 


  1. Such CUTE pictures!! can't wait to see MORE from your trip.
    Adelyn just floored me the other day when she was feeding herself like a big girl (you left the puffs at my house, BTW). She is so beautiful and has the most precious smile. Course how could she not be beautiful? Look at her parents!

  2. She is so cute Karin! I would kill for one feeding a night, I'm sure we will get there but just know I am very jealous. :) I hope you guys had a good time in Hawaii!! It looks like it was a lot of fun!