Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In't she cute?

Oohhh I just love her. I want to squoosh her little guts out (in a loving way).

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christ is the Reason for the Season!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why does winter always seem so busy?

I can't believe that it is already December 8th. This year has really just flown by. I remember being a kid and the month of December would just drag by. Every day I would open the date on my Advent Calendar and take out a chocolate, I'd cut one of my paper rings off the chain, I'd cross one more day off the calendar....and it seemed like forever! Now it seems like Christmas will be here before I know it and I'm not even close to ready! We haven't gotten our tree, we haven't put out Christmas decorations, I haven't done ANY shopping, watched any Christmas movies...I'm so busy that I haven't had any time to enjoy the season. Until tonight.

Tonight, Brett & I went and saw "A Christmas Carol" at the Hale Center Theater. It was wonderful. I've always enjoyed the story, but there was something about slowing down our lives for a second to take the time to go see it tonight that I really understood the message and meaning behind it. I need to slow down and enjoy every moment before all I have are past regrets that I never took the time to enjoy the season while I still can. Merry Christmas!

By the way, I still think "Mickey's Christmas Carol" is my favorite version of this classic story!