Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family pics...circa January

Our very first family photoshoot. We were in California for Eric & Sarah's wedding last December and the stars kind of aligned so we found ourselves throwing together a last minute family portrait session with the wedding photographer. I had no time to plan outfits or anything, I just had to work with what we had brought with us, but the location was amazing and we couldn't pass up perfect weather. So, ignoring my postpartum puffiness, lack of tan (vampire chic!) and our vacation wear (at least it wasn't aloha shirts) here are a few pics.


  1. They are amazing. I like the "candid" look! I think it was perfect you hadn't planned super frilly outfits, or matching dead on. I'm sure you'll look back and love these for being exactly what they are!!!!

  2. Adelyn was so tiny! I LOVE them! Cute, cute, cute!!!