Friday, June 29, 2012

8 is Great!

Well it happened, Adelyn made it to 8 months without any lasting damage. Well hopefully not lasting.
Some highlights:

Adelyn is 15 pounds, 27" long. She loves solid food. Anything I give her she wolfs down. I gave her a graham cracker the other day, put ONE bag of groceries away, turned back around and it had disappeared! I was sure she had thrown it on the floor...but no, it was stuffed into her mouth. She didn't appreciate when I gave her the "lady-like bites" lecture and had to dig it out of her mouth so she wouldn't choke. She loves chicken with carrots and applesauce, brocolli-quinoa casserole, peas, beets, any kind of fruit or vegetable really. She will spit her food out at me to let me know she is done, which I don't appreciate, but it is effective. She also loves to feed herself so I cut a lot of food up into pieces and let her eat that way. It's messy, but she looks so accomplished and she is, of course, washable.
She's started showing preference for which books I read her. Favorites are "Brown Bear", "The Gruffalo," and "Bubbles, Bubbles." She also loves to turn the pages herself.
Adelyn really likes going on walks, but is not a fan of boating. Or lifejackets, rather. She seemed fine once I defied all mommy-sense and took it off. Yes, she cried and I gave her what she wanted. We were in the middle of the lake and I was not the only one affected by this.
She's not crawling yet (which is good because I'm not ready to tackle baby-proofing), but she will go from sitting to crawling position, then tummy, and then rolls to get what she wants...cords being a favorite of hers.
She prefers standing to sitting or laying down, but can only stand when holding onto someone. Furniture doesn't work because her balance isn't that great yet. She did manage to pull herself up on the ottoman once by herself, but usually Brett or I are there to help her. She is starting to experience separation anxiety and hates it anytime I leave the room. Although it may be more boredom than anything as she prefers I entertain her than play by herself.

I can't believe how big and smart she is getting! Only a few more months and I'll have a one year old on my hands!


  1. That last picture she looks like you. Oddly the one before it reminds me of Angie when she was little! Love how you describe things!!!

  2. You should read "What Color Is My Underwear?" to her. It has a great surprise at the end. She's a doll and we really need to play soon. Call me when your back in town. And also if I don't see you or talk to you between now and then..HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!!