Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Magic of Macys

So, in my quest to spend my gift cards, I did a little online shopping and found this beauty (and by beauty I mean the coat, not the girl).

I love coats. I probably have too many already, but I couldn't resist this one. Gray? So hot right now (thanks Mugatu). Checking out proved to be quite the challenge though. Although I have to say it was wonderful that Macys lets you add multiple gift cards. But here is my problem with shopping online. You can't try whatever you are buying on. Can't wait until I can upload my bad digital self (a la Cher on Clueless) and try things on, but until then...What if it doesn't fit? What if it's fugly? This will be my first online clothing purchase and I'm a bit nervous. Wouldn't be counterproductive to getting rid of my gift cards by returning an item? Of course they would have to put it back on the gift card.

So here is a little tidbit that some of you may find interesting. Two of my gift cards were expired, one since last September. I called the number on the back of the gift card and it goes to this automated thing that tells you the balance and when it expired and then says, "If your gift card is expired, press 1.". So I did, and guess what? It reactivated my gift cards and I was able to use them without even losing any value! yay! Although I have learned my lesson. And let me tell you, this month has been really fun! Tonight Brett and I are going to celebrate Valentine's Day at the Vienna Bistro, which we also have a gift card for. Slowly, but surely, I'm whittling down the pile!

Oh and P.S. ---I googled "Free Shipping Macys" and was able to find a promo code that gave me free shipping so I didn't even have to pay for that!! Gift card or no gift card! Take that smart shoppers!

Monday, February 15, 2010

So You Think You Can Figure Skate

I love love love watching Figure Skating. I always watched the figure skating competitions when I was younger. I was completely wrapped up in the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal. Speaking of, anyone seen Tonya Harding now? She has gained like 50 pounds and is a boxer now. Quite the career change.

So now with the Olympics on, I'm trying to catch as much as I can. Remember the Salt Lake Olympic scandal in 2002? I just made Brett watch the video on YouTube. That was the most amazing program I ever remember seeing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWHwt91oj0

Anyway, I think that all of the Olympic athletes are so amazingly talented. It takes some serious dedication to become so technically proficient at those sports. Another thought....how do people get into things like Curling and Luging? Who begs their mom to take Curling lessons?

Someday, I will live my Blades of Glory dreams vicariously through my daughters. Until then, I watch. Good look USA!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Bob!

Love you mommy! Happy 29th!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Foiled already!

So, I planned to use my Sephora gift cards today. (For those of you not in the know, Sephora is a european retail beauty chain and they have EVERYTHING that makes you pretty). There is not a Sephora in Utah, so I am relegated to online shopping. So finally, after finding some products I need (which amounted to $49) and then trying to find something else really cheap for $1 so I could get the free shipping (nothing is $1), I finally was ready to check out. So I put in the first gift card number and go to put in the second....and there is a limit of one gift card per order online!! How unfair is that? This means that I would have to buy two orders of $50 (in order to get the free shipping) and be able to use both gift cards. That is twice as much as I wanted to spend. This is why I have such a hard time. I hate rules governing the use of gift cards. Money is money, right?
Anyway, to make a long story longer, I found the sole Sephora location in Utah. It is up near Ogden, which means it will be a day trip, but at least I'll get my money's worth!! (Minus gas & lunch of course!) Geez, all this shopping and I think I need a massage....oh wait, I have a gift card for that!