Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anyone need a good book?

This one is excellent. And even better, it is a trilogy, which means THREE good books.
I read it in two days. I haven't done that in years.
And I just preordered the trilogy on Amazon, and since I get most of my books from the library, it says a lot that I will drop the $$.
Anyone read it?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Commemoration of our Joint Venture into Eternity

We had our first date four years ago today in Eutin? You remember the opera, and the lake? Remember feeding the ducks? You made sure to show me your "kissing mix" on your ipod and I made sure to bat my eyes and smile a lot.

Remember when you said (not knowing you had the gift of prophesy) that you would marry a girl after a year of meeting her. And remember how exactly one year from that date, we were married for time & eternity in the Salt Lake Temple?

We've definitely had our share of adventures in our 3 years of marriage.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Camping in American Fork canyon, in October, when you forgot our tent and our makeshift tarp covering in the back of the truck did not suffice against the pouring rain and hail that we endured through the night.

2. Getting yelled at by my German host family when you came over to hang out and they thought I brought you over to, ahem, "do it", and the Molly Mormon side of me was mortified that anyone would possibly think that we would...well you know.

3. Discovering we had the same birthday and realizing that it was probably not only fate, but also Saturday's Warrior-esque that we were probably beamed down at the same time to be together from heaven. Glad there wasn't a mistake and we weren't accidentally sent to the same womb.

4. What about when we tried to climb the face of Grandeur peak after work and didn't realize how long it would take. Sure, the sunset was beautiful from the top, but it was definitely hard to climb down in the dark without a flashlight.

5. Remember when we almost missed our flight home from London? It was Sunday, the one day the tube opened an hour later, so we had to take a bus that we weren't familiar with. Then we had a hard time buying tickets. Then, we finally get on the train to Heathrow, and we get off at the wrong terminal, which you wouldn't think would be a big deal, but it was about 20 minutes past the terminal we were supposed to get off and we had to wait another 20 minutes for the next train, and remember I said a prayer and miraculously our flight was delayed an hour and a half or we would never have made it since we didn't even get to the airport until after our plane would have initially left? And on that same trip when we almost missed our flight to Edinburgh?

6. And remember when we went 140 mph on the Autobahn in Germany, and you waitied until I was asleep because I had forbidden you to do it and then you bragged about breaking your personal speed record and then I got mad and then you shut up once you realized how expensive gas is over there and how many $$ you burned on your little stunt?

There are so many amazing adventures we've had's to, oh, at least another 3 years. Mich liebst du!